Public Star Watch at Wayside Inn


Saturday November 2nd

Join us for our Fall Public Star Watch at the Wayside Inn in  Sudbury, MA
For one evening (weather permitting) we will be hosting a FREE public viewing of the heavens. 


Click Here for Directions


To Learn more about the historic Wayside Inn, or it's fine dining, check them out at the following link below:


Make it a family fun filled evening, dine at the Wayside Inn then come out and view the heavens
after dusk for an evening of Stargazing through a variety of  telescopes.

Stargazing begins at 6:30pm and ends at 9pm.

Parking and orientation


 Parking for the event will be on the field. You will pull in on the right side of the barn
and drive into the field parking on the left side. We will have people available to point the way.

Tips and Information

Watch your step, the ground may be uneven in places, use a red LED flashlight or
a flashlight covered in red cellophane, to help you find your way but not ruin the dark adaptation
for those who are viewing through the telescopes. 
Dress warmly as the temperatures tend to drop off after dusk

for more information email us

Any cancellation due to weather will be posted on our events calendar


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