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The SAS was founded by a diversified group of professionals who originally  had one point in common, the former Coffee, Tea, & Melody of Stow, Ma. Regular patrons of CT&M, we became aquatinted with one another and discovered a series of mutual interests, one in particular, astronomy. When CT&M lost their lease and closed in 1998, we had already decided to form the SAS. Our meeting place became the building which is now Rockbottom Observatory. 
















The SAS has several goals, the first is to further promote amateur astronomy. We plan to accomplish this in several ways, this web site with eventual live feeds from our remote telescopes is our first step. We will update this site on a regular basis with astro photos taken by group members as well as notices of upcoming astronomical events, star parties and conventions. When the remote telescopes go online we plan to make observation time available to local schools through the internet if they are interested.

Light pollution is a major problem everywhere, a problem that will only get worse not better. Because of this, we will promote through education the value and effectiveness of quality nighttime lighting. In choosing our semi light polluted location, we can easily show the effects of  poor lighting designs, and promote ways to improve them. The varied levels of light pollution in our field of view, highlight a striking difference in nighttime viewing. This difference, makes it easier to demonstrate the effects of light pollution. We are strong supporters of the International Dark Sky Association and recommend you visit their site to learn ways to effectively light and reduce light pollution at the same time. Simple steps, such as installing a light shield on a light fixture can not only increase the level of light at the ground where you want it, but darken the sky above it. Every individual can make a difference.

The renovation and maintenance of the Rockbottom Observatory is one of our current tasks. The building is owned by one of our charter members. He is donating the space and installing his own equipment for the Observatory. Due to a limited budget, renovations are expected to take 2-3 years to complete, we should be able to start supplying photos for the web site within the next few months.

















The Skylight Astronomical Society, Inc has the following types of memberships are available:


Individual Member $25.00

Any individual 18years of age or older may become an individual member. Privileges include full voting rights at club meetings, discounts at club sponsored events, and access to club equipment at star parties.

Family Member $35.00

Any individual 18years of age or older may become an individual member thus extending membership privileges to his/her spouse and/or children. Only the primary member will have voting privileges and be eligible to hold an office. Privileges include, discounts at club sponsored events, and access to club equipment at star parties.

Supporting Member $50.00

Any  individual over the age of 18 years may become supporting member. Privileges include the same privileges as an individual member. In addition a supporting member will be listed on our sponsor page to acknowlege their extra support.

Sponsor $50.00

Any Corporation, business, or organization may become a sponsor. A Sponsor may have an advertising banner on our sponsor page and advertise and/or sell at club sponsored events.

Junior Member: $10.00

Any individual under the age of 18 yrs may become a junior member provided they have an individual or supporting member as a sponsor. Junior members have the same privilege as an individual member but with non-voting status.


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Contact the Skylight Astronomical Society, Inc

The SAS may be contacted by e-mail at:

You may contact us by mail at:

Skylight Astronomical Society, Inc
P.O.Box 561
Acton, Ma 01720















Club News


Our annual Members only Messier Star party and Pot luck Dinner which was held on Saturday May 7th at the Rockbottom Observatory in Stow, Ma was a great success despite the rainy weather. Although we did not get in any viewing, we had a good turnout for our pot luck dinner. Because of our Hawaiian theme this year, we flew in a Luau to go from Luau King in Hawaii. The food was great and so was the company. 



Our next meeting is Thursday July 28th at the Rockbottom Observatory. The meeting starts at 7:30pm.  As always, the meeting is open to the public and everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there


We will be hosting several extra monthly star nights over the next few months. Dates and times will be posted on the event calendar, forum and home page. In addition to star gazing, we will have solar viewing staring around 3pm. The session is open to the public



We have over have hours of grinding on our club mirror grinding project. Anyone interested in trying mirror grinding is invited to come and try it out.. Grinding is on  Thursday evenings (ambition permitting) Everyone is welcome to attend.


As discussed at the February Meeting, the Board of Directors met and established a pro-rated schedule of dues for members who join throughout the year. As most are aware, our dues cycle runs from April-March, not annual based on when you join. The new schedule will be as follows:

April 1st-June 30th:                        $25.00
July 1st- September 30th:               $19.00
October 1st-December 31st           $13.00
January 1st-February 28th              $  7.00
March 1st-31st                               $25.00 for the upcoming year, this month will be graced.

Members who joined throughout the year, when your dues come up for renewal, you will pay the pro-rate to bring you inline with the club dues cycle. Any member wishing to pay that feed now may do so, see John Murray.

Sky & Telescope discount magazine rate.

Members are able to subscribe to Sky & Telescope magazine through the club at a discount subscription rate. Contact John Murray for more details.



SAS is a member of Astronomical League:

Since March 3rd 2000 the Society has been a member of the Astronomical League. Membership entitles our club members to the following benefits:

Members may begin taking advantage of membership privileges to the Astronomical League such as the awards programs. Visit for more information.