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SCT Users Group

SCT User Group home page The main page for the SCT user group

Mapug (Meade Advanced Product User Group)

Mapug home page The main page for the mapug newsgroup
Doc G's Site
Brandon S. Jones's site
Bill Arnett's site










Clubs & Associations

Astronomical League Worlds largest Federation of amateur astronomers
Amateur Telescope Makers Resource for amateur telescope making
American Association
of Amateur Astronomers
National renowned astronomy club
Rockland Astronomy Club NJ based club, host to NEAF
Spokane Astronomical Society Spokane Astronomical Society's homepage
Aldrich Astronomical Society Local  Paxton, Ma club. Meets at the Anna Maria College












Telescope Manufacturers

Meade Instruments Meade's website
Celestron Celestron's website
DGM Optics Telescope manufacturer of off axis newtonian telescopes
Ceravolo Optical Systems High definition MAK-NEWT Systems











Observatories & Clubs

Frosty Drew Obsevatory Not-for-profit educational center
Griffith Observatory Major Los Angeles landmark since 1935
Perkins Observatory Owned by the Wesleyan University of Ohio
Arcturus Observatory Private observatory, good info and links










Observatory Manufacturers

Technical Innovations Manufacturer of Home Dome and Robo Dome  brand of observatories
Cook observatory plans Detailed set of plans for constructing an 8' observatory
Boyd Observatories Boyd line of observatories, telepier and accessories













Adirondack Video Astronomy The source for astrovid and starlight express cameras and accessories
Galaxy Photography Astro photos by Jason Ware
Planetary PhotoJournal Planetary photos from space satellite missions
Astropix Photos, tips, and digital enhancement techniques
Astrocruise astrophotos and detailed information sheets on astrophotography and guiding
Webcam32 a Windows 95, Windows98 and Windows NT application which allows video camera images to be displayed within a web page.











Hardware & Accessories

Ken Milburn Manufacturer of the milburn wedge and finder rings.
Thousand Oaks Optical Manufacturer of safe solar filters
Jim Kendrick-Studio Astro accessories and manufacturer of the "kendrick's dew heater system"
TeleVue Manufacturer of Eyepieces, diagonals and barlows
University Optics Telescope making parts and accessories, eyepieces
Guide Star Manufacturer of an adjustable guide scope mount system
Mettler wedge Manufacturer of the mettler wedge











Skychart III Professional Software for the amateur astronomer
Astromoners Control Panel Remote control software for the Meade LX200 and ETX series computers
Distant Suns One of the premier desktop astronomy packages
TheSky Full featured graphical astronomy program
Deepsky 99 Observation planning software
Webcam32 a Windows 95, Windows98 and Windows NT application which allows video camera images to be displayed within a web page.
Starry Nights The realistic astronomy software
Planetarium Planetarium shareware program for the Palm connected organizer
VNC VNC is a freeware remote control software for PC's
Satillite Tracker Satillite tracking software for the Meade LX200 telescope
XEphem Linux based star charting software with LX200 control












Roger W. Tuthill, Inc The source for Meade & Celestron "certified" telescope packages
Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird Our favorite source for premier telescopes and accessories
Hands On Optics New and used telescopes and accessories
Pocono Mountain Optics/West Optics
Orion Telescope














Astronomy Classifieds

Astromart Global Astronomy Resource
Astronomy Mall Astronomy classified and resource site
Astroclass Independent Astronomy classified site
Astrofieds Astronomics  classified ads













Todd Gross's Site Todd's weather and astronomy site
Weasner's Mighty ETX site The ETX independent resource site
Ed Ting's Reviews Site Telescope and accessory review site
Nextstar 5 Resource page Independent Nextstar 5 resource site
Star Ware Homepage Phil Harrington's Star Ware (and More) homepage
Toby's LX50 Site LX 50 resource site












Sky and Telescope The essential magazine of astronomy
Astronomy Magazine The most popular english language magazine for astronomy enthusiasts











Educational & Research

Starcast Intellicast's night sky reference page covering weather and sky features.
Nasa Office of Space Sciences Homepage of NASA's Space Sciences
Your Latitude & Longitude find your latitude & longitude at this site in both formats
Solar System Live Realtime representation of the solar system. Public domain software.
Planetary Society Homepage to the planetary Society
Messier Catalog Online catalog of the Messier objects
Nine planets for kids An educational resource of our solar system for kids
The nine planets Informational database for the objects in our solar system
Seti Institute Home of Seti
Seti @ home Home page for the seti @ home project
International Dark Sky Association homepage for the leading advocates in the fight against light pollution
Double Star Library Double star database
Orbital Elements: Comets Orbital elements of comets for the most popular software packages
The Aurora Page aurora informational web site
Heavens Above Transit information for iridium satellites
Astronomy Cafe an "ask the Astronomer" site large database
Views of the Solar System A resource site for the solar system
SEDS Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Nasa's leonid meteor site
J-pass 2.0 NASA's online satillite passby software
J-track 2.5 Nasa's online tracking software
Dublin Night Sky Observer European resource for information and java applets
Astronomy boy Information on building a barn door mount, modifying a CG5 mount and astro photographs
limiting magnitudes Find the limiting visual magnitude for anywhere in the continental US
Catskill Astronomy Club Calculator  Calculator to Determine the Limiting Magnitude of a Telescope
Hitchhikers guide to the moon A guide to telescopic observations of the moon